Australia is a vast space with some awesome things to see – the biggest mistake travellers tend to make on their 4WD campervan adventure is trying to cover to greater distance in to little time! It is a great country to explore in a Bear 4WD camper but it helps to plan ahead and know the driving times and distances: Don’t expect to drive around the whole country in one month! Don’t be discouraged though we are here to help you plan your dream Australian 4WD campervan trip – got questions? Ask here!

Suggested Travel Days:

From and to     Going Via: I want to road trip…  I Really Want to Explore
Sydney to Melbourne The Coast Road 10 days via the coast 14 days including Great Ocean Road
Sydney to Darwin Return Uluru and Kakadu 21 days 45 days back via the East Coast
Sydney to Cairns The East Coast 18 Days 28 Days via the Northern Territory
Cairns to Cape York Return The Bloomfield Track 12 Days 21 Days including Atherton Tablelands
The Big Loop A lot of Places! 70 Days 105 Days

Best times of year to travel?

  • Non-Tropical Areas (South of: Rockhampton, QLD / Exmouth, WA/Burt Plain, NT) : October – March
  •  Sydney and the surrounds: November to April
  •  Tasmania: November – February
  •  The Nullabor Plains: June – October (this is Winter, but it is not so hot and it is also Whale Migration season).
  •  Tropical Area’s (North of: Rockhampton, QLD / Exmouth, WA/Burt Plain, NT); May – October (this is the Dry Season)
  • Western Australia Coast: May to October
  • Northern Territory: May to October – this is winter but it is also the dry season. Remember to still pack some warm cloths as the temperature drops at night in the desert.
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