Land Rover Defender 4WD Campervan  

At Bear Rentals we love adventure but we hate hassle – so every Land Rover Defender 4WD Campervan that you hire comes with all the necessities you need (Fridge, stove, pot’s & pans, cutlery & crockery, as well as bedding and towels) so all you need to do is bring your sense of adventure and some food, jump in and hit the road and see this amazing country. Think of everything you need for your dream Australian adventure – That’s What We Do!

The Land Rover Defender is one of the worlds most iconic and recognisable vehicles; they turn heads where ever they go.  Make one into a 4WD campervan and you have the ultimate adventure mobile – why not consider hiring one of our Land Rover Defender 4WD Campervans – maybe it’s for an extended road trip before you purchase your own Land Rover Defender  or maybe you are after a more capable campervan to hire for your Dream Australian Road Trip. 

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3 reasons to hire a Land Rover Defender 4WD Campervan from Bear:

Legendary capability:

Land Rover Defenders are one of the most recognisable vehicles in the world – and for good reason – they will take you just about anywhere. “Throw in enough kit to start a one man revolution” and you’ll have a campervan that will show you one of our favourite countries in the world. A Land Rover 4WD campervan is the way to go if you want to see and experience more of this stunning corner of the world

Awesome Customer Service:

From the moment that you email Bear to the time we wave you off at the airport; when you hire a 4WD campervan from us we are here to help in anyway possible! We don’t just throw you a set of keys and send you on your way – Australia is a big place, and there can be a lot to plan on your dream road trip with your Defender Campervan – anything at all don’t hesitate to ask: Call 1300 46 2327 (+61 2 9557 1001)

Awesome Vehicle – Awesome Price:

When you rent a 4WD Campervan from Bear it comes with all the gear you need to jump in and go – fridge, stove, bedding & towels – you even get table and chairs at no additional charge (believe it or not this isn’t the case with a lot of other 4WD campervan companies). You don’t have to pay any hidden charges for driving on unsealed roads either (again – you’d be surprised)

4WD Campervan Rental; For The Road Less Travelled

We at Bear are all in favour of getting off the beaten path – we have kitted out all of our 4WD campervan’s with the intention of seeing more of Australia than just the freeway between Sydney and Cairns – you can explore places that most travellers don’t even know exist! We want you to get out there and see the real Australia – we love the iconic spots like Byron Bay and Uluru; these you can get to with an ordinary campervan – but if you are like us and want to explore the wonders of the Southern Lost City or Mitchell’s Plateau the a Land Rover Defender 4WD campervan is the way to go!

Flexible and Affordable 4WD Campervan Hire
With the ability to pick up and return to multiple locations around Australia we can tailor make a 4WD Campervan adventure to suit your needs – with out all the ridiculous hidden fee’s and hassle that you will find else where when you rent a 4×4. We have all of our 4WD campervans kitted out with everything you would expect from a regular campervan but with the ability to explore some of the incredible parts of Australia that you can only see by 4×4. If you are looking for more Adventure and a greater experience – a Bear 4WD campervan is the way to go. With a 4WD campervan you can get out and explore the open road, camp under a million stars and cook breakfast in thousands of secluded spots that most travellers will miss – want to know more – drop us a line and we will be happy to help.

Discount Campervan Hire
Australia is a big place and there is a heck of a lot to explore – there is even more to see once you have a capable 4×4 or 4WD campervan. With a 4WD campervan from Bear you will be able to hit the dirt in style and comfort with out breaking the bank – we offer great deals on long term 4WD campervan and 4×4 hire as well as discounts on bookings over 21 days in length – not to mention multiple return options that won’t attract a one way fee. We have 4WD campervans available for drivers 21+ so if you are old enough to have a beer in the USA you’re old enough to adventure with us. So really its time to start planning that dream Australian road trip! Check out our vehicle options here.


The Black
Although the Black is our base model 4WD campervan it’s still got everything you need to get out and see Australia on that dream road trip. With a spacious fold out expedition roof tent, on board water tank as well as a marine battery charger and triple battery bank – the Black 4WD campervan will allow you to get out – see more & stay longer! FIND OUT MORE!

The European
The European – the original Bear Rentals 4WD Campervan that comes with everything you need to get out of the hustle and bustle and check out this amazing country. An easy to operate pop top roof tent with all bedding – you’ll have home on the road set up in now time; throw in all the other kit you need (with our throwing out the budget) and you’ve got your next adventure mobile! FIND OUT MORE!

The Grizzly
The ultimate 4WD campervan with a pop-top roof conversion means you can access your vehicle from inside the vehicle and sets up in less than 30 seconds – with a slide out kitchen and plumbed in water – camp for the night will be set up while others are still unpacking their tent! This is the best off road 4WD campervan for people who want ease and comfort! FIND OUT MORE!

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