The irresistible urge to travel is an innate part of the human experience. Needless to say, the constant FOMO we feel when logging on to Instagram certainly doesn’t help this urge. In case you needed any more reminder that it’s time for you get out and see this beautiful country of ours, these five Instagram profiles should certainly do the trick.

We Are Explorers

All about the open roads and open rivers this beautiful nation has to offer, We Are Explorers are a collective of travellers, a self-proclaimed “unruly tribe”, whose Instagram profile offer us snapshots of Australia’s most pristine locations. From the vast dunes of Stockton to the crystal clear swimming holes of South Australia, We Are Explorers live up to their name by giving you an insight into the must-see locations all across the nation. The fact that this beauty exists in nature right around the corner is something the collective really aim to showcase, whether it be from the highest heights or the deepest depths.

Hayden Warner

The beauty in Hayden Warner’s profile is in its simplicity. Vivid pinks, greens and blues are splashed beautifully across his grid, but none of it is unattainable. He is finding understated marvel in parts of nature that we often overlook – i.e. a rain-soaked highway or reeds by a beach – and showcasing them to the fullest effect. When gearing up for your Aussie adventure, this profile is going to give you a completely fresh perspective on where you can find splendour in this bloody beautiful nation.

Kate Miles

If Hayden Warner’s profile was all about showcasing some of the most overlooked elements of Australia, then Kate Miles’ profile is all about the opposite. She makes the big seem bigger and the grand seem grander. Her drone-shot landscape snaps are truly breathtaking. With her stunning captures of vast oceans, colossal waterfalls, roaring campfires and the barren outback, Miles takes what makes Australia so brilliant and elevates it flawlessly.

Aleksandar Jason

Melbourne based photographer Aleksandar Jason has injected his Instagram with a sense of mystery. Scrolling through his gorgeous snaps, you get an eerie sense of the silence of nature. You’re removed from the constant noise of urban living and transported to serenity among the waves and among the trees. It’s peaceful, it’s tranquil and it’s sure to get you uncontrollably keen to escape the city life ASAP.

Sarah Glover

Most of Australia’s primo travel destinations belie on our world-renowned coastline, so it makes sense that the profile of Sarah Glover, a pastry chef, would showcase the coast in all its glory. But what’s most important how this profile as how much Glover celebrates the impact of good company. Often it’s not where you go but who you’re with that makes an adventure truly memorable, and Glover makes a note of that throughout her Instagram. Sharing experiences with your mates is hands down the best part of travelling, so be sure to keep that in mind before packing up for your Australian adventure.

The Bear
The Bear
After a gap year turned into a gap decade, I'd been around the world 7 times by means of planes, trains and of course the mighty Land Rover Defender!
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